Plato’s Clubs strives to enhance students’ abilities in a safe and nurturing environment. Our program is structured to give all students an opportunity to expand their horizons, become involved in new activities, enhance their socialization, and develop stronger homework skills. Plato’s Clubs offers a diverse choice of activities in various academic, social, and physical enrichment.  Programs include: Soccer, Cheerleading, Greek Choir, Computer Club, Sports Club, Dance, Greek Club, Yoga, Art, Violin, and more!

The same code of conduct that each student abides by during school hours will hold true in Plato’s Clubs. Plato’s Clubs encourages students to choose clubs based on their interests and talents. Each student in Plato’s Clubs will receive a positive, enriching, and structured experience.

Homework Assistance

Students will have the opportunity to do their homework four days a week with a core teacher.  This will also allow the students extra guidance if they are having difficulty in a particular subject. 





Arts & Crafts Club
This club embraces the arts with hands-on exploration of design, color and creativity. Students complete projects using a variety of media, including watercolors, acrylic, and clay. 

Soccer Club


Be a part of Plato’s Soccer Club that begins in Kindergarten and goes all the way through middle school. Plato Academty has a dedicated soccer coach who will focus on teamwork, self-confidence, and athleticism. Students in middle school will be able to try out for our competitive soccer team and play against local schools.



Science Club
Predicting, observing students will enhance their thinking strategies by learning how to be successful learners through asking the right questions.  Students enhance their analytical skills developing and conducting experiments that test creative theories.  By exploring the world around them in a non-academic setting, students will find the fun in Science.  

Fiddle Club

Enrichment begins with music. We offer beginner and intermediate level violin classes with the use of Plato's Club instruments or those brought from home. Skills taught include: sight-reading music and performance basics, culminating with ensemble pieces performed in school-wide programs. We foster creative expression including composition, instrumentation, and vocalization, emphasizing the importance of basic and broader needs within music instruction.




Students learn how to play basketball at a non-competitive level. Students develop fundamental skills such as how to pass, control, and shoot a basketball, sportsmanship, teamwork, safety, and having fun without pressure.  Students in middle school may try out for our competitive basketball team and play games against other local schools.

Greek Chorus

We are proud to offer Greek Chorus as an enrichment of Greek studies. The goal of the chorus is to introduce students to Greek music, language and culture. The chorus performs at numerous functions throughout the school year.





Students will be able to enrich their minds and souls as they learn to use breathing and stretching techniques to control their stresses. Students will enjoy a calm, relaxing environment.



Students develop leadership skills, school spirit, enthusiasm, cooperation, and help develop sportsmanship among their peers. Each member of the squad is provided with a uniform.






Sports Club
In this club, students participate in a variety of sports, including volleyball, soccer, dodgeball, and basketball. The emphasis in this club is on learning teamwork, sportsmanship, and athleticism all within a fun, non-competitive environment. 


Computer Club

Students learn through technology.  They will experience a variety of learning games and free play in a structured, supervised environment.





Fees and Hours

Before Care: (7:00-8:30)                $25 per week  

Before and After Care:                   $70 per week

 After Care: (3:30-5:45)                   $60 per week 

 Registration Fee:                          $25 per child  

For further information about our Before and After Care programs, please contact Executive Director Emily Ralston at